Tubing and casing couplings


Tubing and casing couplings

  • Standards:
    Couplings per API 5CT, threads per API Spec 5B
    GOST 633-80, GOST 632-80
    GOST R 53366-2009, threads per GOST R 53365-2009
    manufacturer's TU technical specifications
  • Marking: Couplings painted applicable color per АРI 5СТ grade (GOST R 53366‑2009). Depending on requirements of standard or customer, tubulars are marked using stamp or paint
  • Grades:
    H40, J55, К-72, N80-1, N80Q, L80-1, L80-13Cr, C95, P110 per АРI 5CT, GOST R53366-2009
    D (Д), K (К), E (Е), L (Л), M (М), R (Р) per GOST 633-80, GOST 632-80
  • Casing threads: STC, LTC, BC
  • Tubing thread: EU, NU
  • Coating: thermodiffusion zinc coating (TDZ) per TU 4859-002-62031850-2014, copper, phosphate coating
  • Tubing coupling OD: 60.32–114.3 mm
  • Casing coupling OD: 114.3–473 mm


  • Slim OD couplings
  • Special chamfer
  • Guaranteed number of trip cycles when TDZ coating is applied on various types of connections per TU 4859-002-62031850-2014


  • Shipped in wooden (steel) boxes
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