Tubing rental

OOO Temerso-Engineering offers various rental options for tubing with internal protective coating per TU 1390-001-62031850-2012 that help our customers optimize their tubular inventory and reduce well operating costs.

Tubing rental advantages:

  • Large financial expenditures associated with tubing purchase are eliminated and replaced with fixed monthly payments.
  • The scope of workover operations is reduced and tubing life to failure is extended through the use of internal protective coating and TDZ-coated couplings.
  • Up to 25–30 % in savings with rental tubing compared to common tubing purchasing practices.

Tubing rental savings:

  • Indirect gain through interest accrued on bank deposit, because the need in large one-time payments for purchased tubing is eliminated.
  • Tubing failures is reduced 2 or 3 times owing to the use of ТС3000 series internal polymer coating and TDZ-coated couplings.
  • Well servicing and workover costs are reduced.
  • Pipe yard tubing repair costs are reduced.
  • Logistics costs are reduced.
  • Well downtime awaiting workover is reduced.
  • Hydraulic losses in production system are reduced with the use of internal smooth‑surface coatings that prevent formation of asphaltene, tar and paraffin deposits