Sandblasting cleaning the inner surface of pipes

Our company offers the service of cleaning the inner surface of pipes from scale, residues of hardened process mixtures, corrosion products and other mechanical impurities. Sandblasting at the request of the customer can be carried out by any abrasive material:

  • steel shot
  • aluminum oxide (electrocorundum)
  • grinding from waste from metallurgical production

The sandblasting machine operates in automatic mode, has high productivity and provides high quality surface cleaning from Sa2 to Sa3 according to GOST R ISO 8501-1-2014. The length of the processed pipes can vary from 6 to 12 meters.

The effectiveness of sandblasting the surface from any contaminants has been confirmed by decades of using this technology, but it is presented on the market mainly with manual machines with one gun or sleeve for piece or small-scale work. Sandblasting machine  in our company allows you to process the inner surface of pipes and similar products on an industrial scale with high speed and efficiency.


New tubing 89 steel grade N80Q with uncleaned inner surface

The same tubing 89 steel grade N80Q after sandblasting