Drill pipe inspection and repair

Inspection services are performed per API-RP 7G, DS-1 and customer's regulatory documents (RDs)


  • Visual and dimensional examination of pipe body
  • Visual and dimensional examination of tool joints
  • Ultrasonic NDE of pipe body weld
  • Ultrasonic pipe wall thickness measurement
  • Magnetic-particle NDE of tool joint connections
  • Electromagnetic flaw detection of pipe body

Drill pipe repair is performed in the Company’s production facility and involves the following:

  • Pipe body straightening
  • Thread restoration
  • Restoration (grinding) of thrust shoulders
  • Thread root rolling
  • Phosphating of threads
  • Capping with thread protectors and plugs
  • Restoration of hardbanding
  • Restoration of tool joint OD
  • Application of internal protective polymer coating on used drill pipe.
  • Making of stress-relief elements in thread connections