Tubing and Casing finishing center

In one of the workshops of OOO “Temerso-engineering”, in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky, there is a finishing center for the production of tubing and casing pipes with a diameter of 48 to 245 mm. Modern, high-performance CNC threaded equipment, as well as fully automated mechanization allows you to produce products that meet the most stringent requirements and standards.

 Incoming quality control of the green pipes, identification of each pipe with a unique number, step-by-step control of the thread parameters by Gagemaker devices, the moment of screwing on the couplings on the diagram and hydraulic tests of 100% of the pipes with pressure up to 100MPa guarantee the delivery of products with the highest and unchanged quality.


  • Tubing 48.26 mm-114.3 mm;
  • Casing pipes 101.6 mm-244.48 mm;
  • Pipe lengths 8500–12500 mm;
  • Compliance with standards: GOST 633-80, GOST 632-80, GOST 31446-2017, GOST R 53366-2009, TU 1327-005-62031850-2019;


  • CNC Lathe DOOSAN PUMA 5100 LC;
  • Full length drifting machine;
  • Coupling makeup machine with automatic lubrication and pre-screwing, plotting the make-up torque and drifting the assembled joint;
  • Hydraulic press up to 100 MPa, with automatic fixation of the result;
  • Sandblasting machine;
  • Belt-saw machine;
  • Grinding machine for thread;
  • Installation for marking, weighing and measuring